Solvency Assessment

Record and monitoring of all assessment stages


Solvency Assessment 

Our solution is a flexible and user-friendly tool that allows you to track and monitor all stages of solvency assessment, all the sent and received documents and the final decision. It also allows to concentrate all the information of individual processes in a single repository.

The Uniksystem solution is specially prepared for consumer and housing loans solvency evaluation.

But we are constantly working to have new solutions that will facilitate your work. Tell us what you need and we’ll work on a solution for you.

Our solution allows:

  • mandatory pre-contractual information (artº 6º);
  • requirements of the credit agreement (artº 12º);
  • The duty to assess consumer solvency (artº 10º);
  • situations that may indicate fraud (artº 27º);
  • situations that may lead to administrative offenses (artº 30º);


Record and monitoring of all Sslvency assessment stages:

  • Establish the nature, amount and characteristics of the credit;
  • Number of participants in the process and their respective ages;
  • Existence of previous evaluation;
  • Determine the professional status of borrowers;
  • Determine the borrower’s source of income;
  • Assess whether the borrower acts as guarantor in other credit agreements;
  • Identification of personal and family expenses;
  • Identification of the existence of other credits;
  • Control of grace periods or payment deferral;
  • In case the credit agreement provides for variable interest rate or mixed interest rate, the toll allow s the registration of the impact assessment of an increase of the applicable indexer;
  • Registration of exceptional situations in which the credit agreement to be celebrated is less than 10 × the national minimum wage;


Workflow control


Access Control

Customizable notifications

Document tracking

Stages registry

Creation of individual processes

Duration of the credit agreement in the subsequent five years



Decreto-Lei n.º 74-A / 2017 is applicable to mortgage credit agreements with consumers, thus covering credit agreements for the acquisition of permanent, secondary or leasehold housing; credit agreements for the acquisition or maintenance of property rights over existing or projected land or buildings; credit agreements which, regardless of their purpose, are secured by mortgage, another equivalent guarantee on immovable property or a right relating to immovable property; and contracts for the leasing of real estate for permanent, secondary or leasehold housing.


Decreto-Lei n.º 74-A/2017, 21 June

Published on June 23, it approves the rules applicable to mortgage credit and determines the regime of credit agreements regarding real estate, defining, in particular, the rules applicable to consumer credit guaranteed by mortgage or other property rights. In this document, a number of rules of conduct and information duties are to be observed by credit institutions and, where appropriate, by credit intermediaries. In particular, the duty to assess the solvency of the consumer prior to the conclusion of the credit agreement. This assessment must be based on relevant factors to verify the capacity of the consumer to comply with the credit agreement


  • Decreto-Lei n.º 74-A/2017, 21 de june
  • Aviso 4/2017 Banco de Portugal;
  • Instrução 15/2017 Banco de Portugal;


Uniksystem can help you comply with regulation

All these regulations require a set of procedures, tasks, validations and mail exchange that must be recorded, monitored and stored safely

Regulation requires a set of procedures, tasks, validations and exchange of correspondence that must be recorded, monitored and stored safely.

Our solution goes beyond ensuring compliance with the law

Our goal is not only to comply with the legislation in force, but at the same time automate processes, reduce the manual work involved and consecutively the cost, number and impact of any errors.  

We are working in other regulatory areas of Banco de Portugal

Our know-how is not restricted to Credit Solvency. We are up to date with the Banking regulations and with the instructions and warnings of Banco de Portugal. And we are constantly working to have new solutions that make your job easier

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