Automatic Document Processing

Digital Transformation of Processes in Accounting

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Uniksystem has the solution that reduces the amount of time it takes to release documents.

Cut off any manual and repetitive tasks with no added value, such as invoices entry and processing into your ERP. Save time and increase efficiency in your financial department.

We are side by side with you in your company’s Digital Transformation.

Field Recognition with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Our solution uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to recognize the key fields of the documents you normally process in your department. For an invoice, our solution automatically recognizes fields such as date, supplier, amount… And it also establishes patterns that allows it to recognize new fields, minimizing human input, allowing you to automatically integrate documents into your ERP.

How it works


Submit your invoices through a portal.


All invoices are processed automatically and reconciled with E-Fatura.


24 hours later you can export your ERP integration file. You also get your PDF invoices properly organized and digitally archived.

Return on Investment

Did you know that an employee spends about one hour to process 25 documents? This means that the processing of 1000 documents takes an employee a whole week to do, and if he only works in data entry. With our solution you get a 45% cost optimization and a 90% time optimization since the first day.

Get the time to focus on activities that really make your business grow.

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