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Integrated Solutions to Register, Monitor and Control

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Uniksystem has the best solution for you that, not only guarantees compliance with Banco de Portugal’s instructions, but also optimizes and creates value in the established processes.

How Uniksystem can help you

Credit Solvency

Our solution allows you to comply with Aviso n.º 4 de 2017 from Banco de Portugal and Decreto-Lei n.º 74-A/2017, from 23rd June.


Uniksystem's Solution allows you to comply with Decreto-Lei n.º 227/2012, from 25th October, and Aviso do Banco de Portugal n.º 17/2012, from 17th December.


The goal of our solution is to comply with Decreto-Lei n.º 204/2008, from 14 October, and Instrução do Banco de Portugal n.º 17/2018.

Uniksystem can help you comply with regulation

All these regulations require a set of procedures, tasks, validations and mail exchange that must be recorded, monitored and stored safely. We have the automatic, easy-to-implement solution that guarantees you the registration, monitoring and control of all the steps of your procedures.  

Our solution goes beyond ensuring compliance with the law

Our goal is not only to comply with the legislation in force, but at the same time automate processes, reduce the manual work involved and consecutively the cost, number and impact of any errors.  

We are working in other regulatory areas of Banco de Portugal

Our know-how is not restricted to Credit Solvency, PARI / PERSI or CRC 5G. We are up to date with the Banking regulations and with the instructions and warnings of Banco de Portugal. And we are constantly working to have new solutions that make your job easier.  

Tell us what you need and we will work on finding the best solution for you.

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