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Uniksystem has the solution that allows you to access your organization’s data quickly and easily.

Make decisions in a timely manner.

Fast and well-supported decisions

The challenge now is not to have access to information and data relevant to decision making. We have more and more data and less time to analyze it. The challenge now is to be able to interpret all the relevant information in a timely manner. If we were to ask you how long it takes to make a strategic decision, would you know how to answer accurately? With the support of data analysis, interpretation and correlation technology, you can transform data into dynamic visual graphics, realize which sources of information are relevant to each analysis, and relate them to understand how your business evolves in an established goal.

The present, the past and the future just a click away

This type of analysis allows you to tell and create the history of your organization. Questions like “what is happening in my department?”, “Why is my product A selling less than B?”, “What strategy are we going to adopt to achieve the defined goals?” get now a quick and supported answer.

What do you get with this solution?

Analytics and reporting in seconds

Easy and quick access to real-time data

Possibility of analyzing information from different sources

Development of customized reports

Less time in decision making

Holistic view of the organization


If you still think BI tools are too complex …

The Uniksystem solution does not require technical knowledge or programming skills. You can change the graphs with the results, update the reports seconds before a results presentation meeting and get new statistics in real time to support strategic decision making.

Ensure that your data allows you to make the key decisions at the right time

Get the autonomy you need to get your department’s analysis done in seconds. Accessing data in real time, crossing information from different sources, knowing how to interpret and correlating this information and sharing it in order to present results and / or predictive analysis without wasting time, can really be a challenge.



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