What We Do

U first!

We are an IT and Consulting company that focuses on YOU and the Agility of your Work.  We consider that People, Processes and Technology are the 3 pillars that assure Digital Transformation, where we have very strong capabilities. We involve People from the beginning so that the Processes are simplified and then optimized with the Technology. 

Our team has more than 20 years of experience and are experts in BPM – Process Optimization, Financial Management, Business Analytics, Big Data, Talent and Human Resources Management, Risk Management and compliance in Banking, Insurance and RGPD – Personal Data Protection. 

The technology we have developed includes iFlowBPM™ and GDPR Solution Flow, Business Analytics (BA), Talent Management, Recruitment and Selection Solutions, Document management, Financial and Human Resources Solutions for Public Administration, Portals and Websites. 

We are a company of 100% Portuguese origin, part of a large group: the JOYN Group.

We have the devotion, professionalism and know-how that only our very Unik people can give, reinforced by the resources and technologies of a great structure.  We focus on Specialization, Innovation and Talent, guaranteeing a solution tailored to what you really need. We focus on YOU so that together we can grow stronger. 

Uniksystem starts with U, U first!


Focus on client needs

It’s not only about what we can do, but what can we do to help YOU! Uniksystem starts with U, U first!

Consulting and tailored solutions

We do the thinking and researching with you and we help you determine the next steps. And yes. This is all tailored to YOUR NEEDS.

Solutions, Services and Technology

We are indeed a technology company. So we DO have software to accelerate the process. Lots of it.


No matter what we do, it only makes sense if it makes your business FLY. We are always aiming for the sky. And again, this can all be tailored to YOUR NEEDS.

Help us understand what is not allowing your business to grow

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We believe in the simplification and continuous optimization of all processes. This way people save time to focus on more important and differentiating actions. Motivation prevails and people mobilize them selves exclusively around the effective growth of organizations!


To support people and organizations so that they can get the maximum return while using technologie, developing their teams in a very “Unik” way.


Dedication     Know-how     Experience     Commitment     Resilience     Inovation     Talent